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  arrow  Delroy-Carr takes Quinella at Star Surf / West Surfing Junior Surf Challenge.
  arrow  Trigg Point Board Riders dominate final of Surfboard room surfleague for 2006.
  arrow  Can Margaret River Boardriders do it again at Surfboard room surfleague for 2006.
  arrow  Small waves, but big performances in finals of Waves Surfwear WA ALLSTARS Titles 2006.
  arrow  Margaret River Magic on finals day of Waves Surfwear WA School Surfing Titles.
  arrow  Record number of girls hit the water at Trigg Beach for Waves Surfwear WA School Surfing Titles..
  arrow  Scotch college through to finals in blue ribbon division of Waves Surfwear School Surfing Titles.
  arrow  Nesbitt takes Shenton College to another day off school Waves Surfwear WA School Surfing Titles.
  arrow  Newman college hit the lead early on day one of the Waves Surfwear WA School Surfing Titles for 2006.
  arrow  Schools out, as students flock to beach for annual event.
  arrow  Amazing surfing witnessed as surfers make comeback at open state surfing series.
  arrow  Wright could do no wrong at second round of state open surfing series.
  arrow  Shaun shows Howe it's done as epic conditions again bless competitors in final event of junior state surfing titles..
  arrow  Conditions small, but performances big at first round of open state surfing series.
  arrow  State champs already decided in second round of state junior titles.
  arrow  Boffey bags the final of Star King of Da Point.
  arrow  Hot weather and waves brings hot performances in first junior state round for the year.
  arrow  Occhilupo wins incredible final at the Margaret River Pro.
  arrow  Big names set scene for sizzling final at Margaret River Pro.
  arrow  Epic waves bless surfers and spectators at Day 5 of Margaret River.
  arrow  Margaret River Pro off to a swell start.
  arrow  Seeds tumble to young Australians on Day 4 of Margaret River Pro.
  arrow  International surfers dominate Day 3 of the Margaret River Pro.
  arrow  Local talent the standouts at Day 2 of the Margaret River Pro.
  arrow  Previous Champions off to a flying start at the Margaret River Pro.
  arrow  Young talent set to mount challenge at Margaret River Pro.
  arrow  Big names of surf on their way for Margaret River Pro.
  arrow Margaret River masters goes pro as EventsCorp boost gives green light to event.
  arrow Banting Wins Top Fry at Billabong Taj's Small Fries at Yallingup.
  arrow Taj's Small Fries Grommet Surfing Event to Be Staged in South West WA.

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