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How to cope with crowded surf

Coping with the crowd factor, is now a necessity in the water. It seems like everyone is learning how to hassle before they learn how to surf.

In this ever increasing competitive world, some of us compete in our jobs, at school, trying to keep up with the Jones's, the fashion stakes and even trying to find a front row parking spot for our cars down the beach.

In the water it's just as bad, how many times have you seen some poor guy sitting out the back, waiting for that boomer, while every one else is busy picking off the smaller ones. Then when the poor guy finally sees his wave, some one snakes him on the inside to call him off it.

How do you think he feels?
How do you think you would feel.?

Yep! Pretty pissed off.

Attitudes both in and out of the water and what vibes you give off, are going to determine the outcome of your day.

If you paddle out with an attitude, people will soon notice you and if you give them a hard time you will get one back.

Chill out, learn to give and you will receive, have a look at how many waves you have had and then compare it with the crew around you.

A good surfer is one who shares, not the greedy ones, who snake and hassle to get nearly every wave that comes thru.

Just like in everything we do, to gain respect, you got to give it.

Marz's tips for getting waves to yourself.

Don't shower for a week, the smell you emit out in the water should thin the crowds out around you for a couple of metres.
Pick your nose while waiting for waves in between sets and pretend to wash the booger off your fingers in the water.

Try saying one of the following comments out loudly to some one sitting next to you in the water.
"I just got back from Indo, the Doctors don't even know what it is yet." while constantly scratching yourself.

"Is that your Holden getting towed away up in the carpark?" in Australia lots of people drive Holdens.

"Did you see that Chick (or Guy) sunbathing naked behind that dune."

"Gee, it's gotten crowded, in the last 10 years while I have been doing time, for that murder."

Here is a couple while pretending to relieve yourself,

"Great! No blood this time"

"Can you catch hepatitis from someone out in the water?"

"Geez, I hate these urinary track infections" with an uncomfortable look on your face.

"This salt water reeks havoc on my herpes scabs"

"Do you reckon it's true what they say about sharks and weeing in the water?"

Remember why you started surfing for, was it for the fun?

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