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So you may have a sup, longbaord or a shortboard to give you that extra paddling power on trying to catch a wave. Kai Lenny has shown this new form of surfing may see quite a few crew take up something different and why no?, when you can catch a non existent wave in uncrowded conditions.

Harnessing the power of the open ocean swells, the hydrofoil allows you to levitate above the surface of the water and ride the worlds longest waves. Surf spots are getting more and more crowded so why not have the option to escape it all. In this video Kai Lenny is riding a 5'6" shortboard (yep 5'6" shortboard) on the North Shore of Maui using only using his arms and swell energy to soar for miles upon miles.

The action on the 5'6" starts at around the 30 second mark.

Kick back and check out the gracefullness, solitude and style of this new form of ocean surfing.

The possibilities are endless, imagine on the river in a boats swell or even better, catch the bow swell of a ocean liner leaving Fremantle to Bali. You definately will need more food than a cut lunch for this Journey, but me thinks there could be some Guiness Book of records possibility here.

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