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Burrow hits the big screen this Summer.

For professional surfer Taj Burrow (Yallingup, WA) the ability to take his surfing from the heaving pits of West Oz to the big screen has ultimately rendered him as one of surfing most sought after stars.

Previous documentary style productions surrounding the 26-year-olds life including Sabotaj and Montaj have earned him the respect of the world wide surfing fraternity with Montaj being awarded Surfer Magazines Video of The Year in their 2002 reader's poll.

Fair Bits, premiering at Narrabeen's Rat Park (Pittwater Rugby Park) on Sunday January 2nd 2005 is a film created by Hollywood directors Emmit & Brendan Malloy in collaboration with Burrows and 6-8 film-makers from a range of different backgrounds.

"Every segment in the film is entirely different and the directors have come up with really clever visual clips," says Brendan Malloy.

"Fair Bits is generally a collaboration of surfing stories tied together by loose dreams and possibilities through thought transmission and following innate objects to the corner of the planet."

In laymen's terms, you can expect to see Taj performing his usual mind blowing antics, Kelly Slater riding an array of objects including a coffee table and a door, Andy Irons performing skits with Ben Stiller and Joel Parkinson doing some crazy things, tow assisted in a wave pool.

Fair Bits will be touring in conjunction with the Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival throughout metropolitan and regional Australia in January and February 2005.

The festival road show which aims to bring surf films back to the big screens was a huge hit in 2004 where it played to an audience of over 55 000 across 10 countries.

"Back when I was a kid growing up in Hawaii, there was no VHS or DVD so the only surf movies we saw were shown on a big screen theatre and that only happened once or twice a year," says McCoy.

"To share surfing films today to the world wide surfing tribe like it was back then is an important way of sharing what we feel is a big part of our surf culture."

Tickets for Fair Bits and the Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival are available at the venues where they are to be screened.

2005 Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival Dates in Western Australia are:
JANUARY 8pm Denmark / Denmark Civic Centre / Mon 10th / 4:30 & 8pm Margaret River / Margaret River Cinema / Tues 11th / 4:30 & 8pm Dunsborough / Dunsborough Community Centre / Wed 12th / 7 & 9pm Perth / Regal Theatre