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Live, Laugh, Surf..

Welcome to the revised website.
Basically we had to dump a lot of hidden baggage that was causing a few problems and now that we have ironed out the bugs and squashed the nasties things should run smooth from here on in.

Lots planned for the future of this site. SRO is still a non profit site, but this needs to change if this site is ever going to keep going.

We are selective in who we have advertising on the site and although this may be our downfall money wise, there is no way we are going to sell out.

The new flashing banner at the top left of the page says "SRO Lives here" and we have never pretended we were or are anywhere else.

Sure we could do the same as some of the other sites do, but hey, we are not in it for greed.

Make no mistake SRO lives here!

Our new motto is also Live, Laugh, Surf do these 3 things and you will have a much better outlook on life.

Look out for your mates and family, look out for your local beach and look after yourself.

Live: I have known crew who have checked out way before their time is due either through accidents, tragedies or disease, but in that short period on this planet they have squeezed more surfs and traveled to more exotic locations chasing waves, than some of us could ever try to do even if we lived to 100. The surfers who survive on the simple things in life, a board a wettie and a passport. They work for a few months of the year and then search the globe for waves. Legends.

As my Dad used to say, "No point in being the richest man in the cemetery". Life's short, don't take it for granted. Try and squeeze into it as much as you can, but do not forget the others around you and the impact you may have on them because of your actions.

Laugh: The best medicine in the world. Hang with crew that make you laugh and make others laugh, it sends out a good vibe and makes everyone feel good.

Surf: If your local isn't smoking, go and look for waves, if you find a good spot with no crew on it, the second part of the motto applies, "Laugh". If you find a spot with local crew on it, treat them how you would like to be treated at your local.

Live, Laugh, Surf and may all your ups and downs in life be on long green walls.