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Old hard core Rocko influence rubs off on Heavy Metal group.

Looks like the old school Rocko influence has rubbed off on a few crew and spread overseas with reports that heavy metal band members from Metalica have been caught wearing some West gear.

Pictured Above: Metalicas Kirk Hammett displays a true hard core Rocko West T-Shirt

Like the older local lads from Rockingham will tell ya,

"If you didn't have a Metalica or AC/DC cd or tape in your collection, it mean't you surfed soft and were a flicker that couldn't put it on a rail"

said a true Surf Beach local.
Robert Trujilo.
Pic Above: Robert Trujilo from Metalica in a stylish hooded number.

Boyz.    water.
Pic Above:Shawn Fells (West U.S.) with Kirk      Pic Above:O.K. who's drinking bottled water.