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Pato and Greeny

Pato and the Green machine tell it like it is at talk.

City Beach Surf Riders club were lucky enough to have Danny Green and Jake Patterson join them to present a talk on living and surfing.

The motivational talk, aimed at the club's grommets, was based on personal issues including youth suicide and drinking.

City Beach Surf Riders club were twice struck by tragic circimstances last month after losing two of it's former and present club members
The talk was well attended with over 100 people present including not only younger members of it's club, but also some older members.
Youth in attendance on the night sat wide eyed and soaked up the information as two legends talked about the difficulties of life and it's obstacles.

The club would like to thank Danny and Jake for giving up their time to present their talk on such a difficult subject. Well done lads.

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