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SUNDAY 04/09/05.

The Tow Boards that were stolen on the weekend from Damon Eastaughs car have been recovered. Within in a few hours word was out on the Western Australian surfing network to be on the look out for 3 groms trying to sell the tow boards at surf and hock shops.

"It's really amazing how the West Australian surfing network pulls together over here" said Tow partner Courtenay Gray, "I mean where else can you send an email or pick up the phone and within 20 mins it has been relayed up and down the coast for crew to look out for the culprits".

The boards were soon recovered after lunch on Saturday and the thieves will soon be in custody after video survelience at a number of shops picked up clear images of them trying to sell the boards at numerous outlets.

Well done to all of those in making it happen.