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Pic Above: TB flashing his whites.
Michael Jackson, David, Beckham and Taj Burrow?

Looks like WA surfer Taj Burrow has joined the Rock and Roll status of fame. Now no one can deny the little tacker rips and the guy has a more marketable image than Pamela Anderson naked. But while I was driving up to Perth the other day who's head do I see plastered on the side of a bus shelter, but TB's himself.

Seems the Yallingup local has been thrust into the stardom category by cool drink giant Pepsi. He now joins the likes of David Beckham (he's that soccer guy married to Posh spice) and Micheal Jackson (he's that guy that every time he goes out in the sun he gets whiter).

One thing with Taj is the poster boy look will not change him, he will always stay down to earth and be himself. I also doubt you will be seeing him rushing around to put a pair of soccer boots on or buying a Monkey.