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Funds needed to put village back on it's feet after Tsunami..

Paul and Nicola Edmiston live in the village of Batukaras on the south coast of West Java.

The village in which they live is one of the areas that copped the full brunt of the recent tsunami to hit Java.

It's a tiny fishing village of around 1000 people and most of the community have now lost their livelihood because all the fishing boats were destroyed by the tsunami.
Unfortunately, there were also fishermen who lost their lives so these particular families are suffering not only from the loss of their love ones, but also now from the lack of income they relied upon to live day by day.

Paul and Nicola Edmiston are in WA at the moment and are heading back up to Java on Wednesday and have put an appeal together to raise some funds to help out the people of Batukaras village.

" I know a lot of crew are really 'appeal-out' but this is all about helping a bunch of real people in real need and all the funds will go DIRECTLY TO THE COMMUNITY to help them re-build their boats so they can get on with re-building their lives" said Edmiston.

A fundraising effort will be at THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS gig at the Fly By Night Club in Freo this Sun night 23 July, starting at 7pm.

People are also welcome to donate directly if they can't make it to the gig - more info on how to do this please email info@javacovehotel.com .

All monies raised will be distributed in a transparent manner, with full records available of how funds are distributed.