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Whale Carcass near Injidup Beach causing a stink.

A 6 metre sperm whale that has washed up 200 metres south behind Injidup Point 2 weeks ago, has seen CALM post a sign on the walkway down to the beach at Injidup car park warning surfers of the risk.

While the whale carcass is not viewable to the public from the car park or point, some surfers who have ventured out to the point are not aware of the message posting on the walkway at the car park.

On a South Westerly wind recently two surfers holidaying from the East Coast who had ventured out to the point were not aware of the whale carcass,
"We were trying to work out what that smell was while we were out there. It wasn't that normal rotting seaweed smell, it was a real pungent dry retching stink, that had us thinking twice while we were out in the water. We both came in after about 20 mins as we had this uneasy feeling of being the only two out there" he said, "Then when we got up to the car park and you pointed out the sign, we could see why. They need to make the sign bigger and have it at eye level, not strapped to a pole near the ground" he said.

The A4 piece of paper that has been strapped to the pole by CALM reads:

A whale that has died at sea has washed ashore in this area. Due to the rocky nature of the coast and ocean conditions that restrict access, a decision has been made to allow the natural decomposition to continue rather than remove the carcass.

This decomposition will take several weeks and may pose a health risk or attract other marine life to the area. Strong odours are likely to emanate from the carcass.

To ensure your safety it is recommended that:

You do not swim or surf in this area.

You do not interfere with the carcass as this may result in the contracting of disease.

For further information please contact the Department of Conservation and Land Management district office at Bussleton. PH: (08) 9752 5555.