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Whale Carcass at popular surfing location on Rottnest Island to be removed.

A decision has been made to try and remove the Whale carcass that has washed up at Strickland Bay (Rottnest).


The huge whale carcass lies wallowing on the beach at Strickland Bay.

Local authorities and CALM are discussing the possibilities of having the Carcuss towed off the beach by Tug and taken 20 miles out to sea to "The Trench".

"The Trench" has a depth of around 1000 metres and is renowned for game fishing. By relocating the carcass to this point in the ocean, Marine life will quickly assist in the natural disintegration of the carcass in an area which is no threat to the general public.


Evidence of Marine life that fed on the carcass before being washed up.

Other disposal methods being considered are cutting the carcass in smaller pieces and removing it by truck from the beach.

To ensure the general publics safety it is recommended that:
# You do not swim or surf in this area.
# You do not interfere with the carcass as this may result in the contracting of disease.


Close up of Marine life interference.

This stands until further notice.