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By A.Bland

White Pointer sends surfer to the Beach at Honeycombes

A great white was sighted Sunday around mid-day at Honeycobmes beach in our states South West WA. Witnesses said it breached twice within 10 meters of the packed Sunday lunch-time-line up. Tuna/Salmon had been schooling in the area shortly before the sighting, with the shark being described as having a "feeding frenzy" on the un-suspecting tuna/Salmon.

"It jumped right out of the water. It must have been at least 8 feet in length, with a distinctly white belly and grey top" one observer said after he saw it from the top of the dunes. It circled around the Tuna/Salmon, then jumped again. "My mate didn't believe me, then it jumped again. Did a full barrell roll, and showed its whole belly. Then he believed me."

As soon as it jumped, the whole line-up cleared immediately on the first wave in, screaming "shark! SHARK!", with the exception of a few brave souls who decided to take advantage of the now un-crowded head high sunny peaks.

The white continued to circle for less than a minute, before following the tuna/Salmon out of sight into deeper water.

"It was so close, I could see right into its eyes" a terrified young grommet said gingerly.

One older surfer commented; "I have seen bronzy's round here before, but i have never seen anything like that. It was thick, with its big barrelled chest, just showing its awesome power."