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The Drugaware Pro is about to get under way this week with a ton of swell for Wednesday

The Drugaware Pro is about to get under way this week with a ton of swell for Wednesday.

An XL swell of around 5 metres plus with fresh South East winds will see Mainbreak Margies throwing up some solid wave heights of around the twelve to fifteen foot mark with bigger sneakers closing out the bay.

A strong swell with a 17 second mean time period will greet the coast, but the only problem is it will have a lot of S/SW direction in it.

Wednesday could be a good day to run the event at the infamous North Point, but only if the swell has enough direction to get in there.

The WSL may need to run as much of the event as possible in this first half of the waiting period as by next Monday the 2/1/17 the swell does a runner with wave heights around the three foot mark and diminishing further into the week.

Whatever the call, from Wednesday through to Saturday there is going to be some nice conditions.

Wednesday 29/3
Fresh SE winds basically all day with a 5 metre plus swell running at 17 seconds.

Thursday 30/3
Light to moderate E/NE winds in the morning swinging light S/SE to SE in the afternoon with 3 to 3.5 metre swell at 14 seconds.

Friday 31/1
Light to moderate E/NE winds in the morning going Light variable by the afternoon. Swell around the 2 metre mark with a mean time period of only 12 seconds.

Saturday 01/04
Light NE winds swinging light NW in the afternoon with a swell of up to 2 metres @ 15 seconds.

Either way if you have the time, get down there, stuff watching it on the net with this live streaming crap. To feel the event you have to be at the event to pick up on the vibe, and beside that, this could be the last time you may see a WCT event at Margies.

My gut feeling is that with one event they are wanting to drop off the contest calendar in Australia, it will must probably be the Margies pro, as the Quiksilver pro and Bells beach Pro have long been established on the calendar before the Margs event.

So seriously, you may want to make the journey down to Margies, to possibly see the event for the last time.