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Crazy crowds in the South West.

Crowds and tension have been running high up and down the coast for the last couple of months with the SW region being hit the hardest with day trippers.

The Cape to Cape stretch has been inundated with "disrespectful F#@%wits" as one local puts it.

"It's beem crazy down here, with more crew in lineups than the amount of waves coming through and crew with attitude that has needed a little taming."

With Perth and Mandurah breaks lacking in waves the Forrest Highway has becoming a lifeline (surf wise) for some, while for others in the South West it has become a stressful burden.

While it is expected that the weekends will ultamtely be crowded over the summer months, numbers have also been thick mid week.

"I heard one guy out in the water boasting that he made it from Perth to Margies in two hours and forty minutes, if this is true, then he must have been bloody speeding" said a Margaret River surfer.

Not only are these idiots putting their lives and mates lives in their cars at risk, they are also putting other road users at risk. One mistake behind the wheel could cause death at break neck speeds, let alone doing the speed Limit.

With the summer drought continuing in the Metro and Mandurah areas, some locals have had enough of the blow ins hassling and spinning around on their insides to snake guys waves off them. Words have been exchanged on numerous occassions as well as the odd blows being exchanged. On one occassion a photographer was told to put his camera away otherwise he would be going to hospital to get it removed.

And if you are thinking of escaping the crowded lineups and heading to Bali, think again, because crowds have been pretty thick in the lineup there as well.

A catch 22 situation with crowds. They also keep the local economy afloat, they got to eat, they got to drink and they also need to buy fuel. All of which spins off right down the line. That's also right down the line to some of the ones who are complaining about the crowds,

Crowds are here to stay and more than likely get worse with the amount of fly in and fly out crew that surf, shift workers and weekend warriors, plus the fact that with internet social websites and everyone plastering up pictures of breaks on the net, the days of out of sight out of mind are becoming few and far between. While everyone has a right to surf, everyone also has a right to respect. Respect will get you waves, disrespect will more than likely get you hurt.

Chill out everyone and share, if you don't like sharing then go home.

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