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Margaret River oil threat, are we surfers a bunch of hypocrites?.

Interesting email from Benton, which has some interesting facts that can't be ignored, it basically point to let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

We have to be very careful in regards as a group of concerned people from a surfing point of view not to look too hypocritical re hydrocarbons.

Being a devil's advocate here (I have signed and support the petition last Monday) the sport of surfing as we now know it would cease to exist if Oil production stopped overnight (maybe not such a bad thing)


Surfboards made from hydrocarbons
Wetsuits made from hydrocarbons
Legropes made from hydrocarbons
Board grip made from hydrocarbons
Wax made from hydrocarbons
Sunscreen partly made from hydrocarbons
Drive to the beach -hydrocarbons
Drive down south - hydrocarbons
Fly to indo -hydrocarbons
Take boat trip in Indo -hydrocarbons
And in the particular case of the fellas I was having a beer with (while discussing this issue), they were towing out at cow bombie using up ,yes the very thing we are concerned about.

You/We/I can sound very nimby like if as a group we yell shrill like from the cliff tops ,stop not in my back yard (The South West).

The surfing media has to take a very considered line here and raise the issue of the reliance on hydrocarbons in our sport to balance out the obvious ecological concerns and they are obviously evident after the balls up north and the current stuff up in the gulf off the US.

What the options there are, are beyond my pay scale and of course with my drag racing activities I may seem to be on the side of oil production but I am talking about surfers here as a vocal and visible pressure group, that if to be taken as a positive and legitimate group will need an answer to the above if asked by a #@*%^ from a current affair for example and not look like a rabbit in the headlights.

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