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The Slayer set to return to Margaret River.

Without a doubt Kelly Slater is to surfing what Tiger Woods is to golf.

The return of the 12 times world champion (yep, i'm calling it 12 not 11 as theoretically he did win the championships twice in a spate of two weeks before it was ripped off him the first time) is having people in the West frothing.

Slater is no doubt (No bullshit) the worlds best surfer, wether comp or free surfing the guys got more talent than any individual who has graced the competitive or free surfing scene.

Sure you have seen the videos, photos and live webcasts, but to truly appreciate what this guy does you need to see it in person and now you will get the chance.

With the Margaret River Pro just around the corner on the calendar (19th to 25th of March 2012) and Slater on the cards to compete, it is now time to pull your finger out, scoring the time off work, school or whatever to get down to see him and the other rippers surfing. No, dont wait till the photos come out or video or live webcasts, to really expeience the action you need to be there, plus you will help out the Margaret River region that has been struggling to make ends meet due to the decline in Tourism.

Get down there any way you can, but get there. Besides who knows when slater will decide to call it quits on the World Tour, this may be the last chance you may see him compete in WA.

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