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Local surfer, game developer raising money for the kids.

Andy with his grom.

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Princess Margaret Hospital is a special centre that cares for children in need of medical attention. We are raising the price of Surf Prodigy to raise money to help these kids out. For every sale of Surf Prodigy in April he will donate $1 to the hospital. Go on. Help them out."

Who needs waves when you have "Surf Prodigy"

West Australian surfer Andy Hawkins knows what it's like going without a wave during those long WA flat spells in summer. Hawkins who is a TAFE lecturer during the day teaching Xbox / iPhone games development and 3d animation is also a 3d modeller and game programmer after hours.

Hawkins has developed a surfing game which will get even the hardcore surfer hooting with out even being in the water.

Are you the next Surfing Prodigy? Hawkins from DrewFX has developed a pretty crazy surfing game for your iPhone and iPod touch. Paddle hard and don't pull out, after all, it's only water. You are somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on an island with of the best breaks in the world - and you are right there in the midst of it!

The game provides 3D surfing action, a full surf tour around the island to compete in and beat the challenges, seven locations to unlock where you can practice ripping up the waves in Free Surf mode on any of the unlocked breaks. Who knows? You may even surf well enough to attract a Sponsor who will help pay your way through competitions, or go it alone and make a name for yourself.

Board and wetsuit upgrades are available to enhance your surfing abilities along with varying wave sizes from knee-high for those who live in the concrete jungle to Margaret River and Hawaiian size waves of well over head height with left and right breaking waves. It doesn't matter if you wreck your board and your wetsuit and you can repair it all with the cash you have earned, using the in-game repair system.

Nudging forty years of age he still regularly gets in the water and takes to it like a born again grommet. His fondest surf memories to date are the awesome waves of north point at Cowaramup, where he and a mate got totally worked standing on the rocks before they even leapt into the water. He recalls "A big wave came up, we didn't leap out in time, got smashed where we stood and were very, very embarrassed, lucky no witnesses fortunately".

Hawkins has put his surfing prowess into his latest game by developing the ultimate game for the iPod Touch and iPhone.
"Surf Prodigy" is based on his original game "Offshore 2000:Pro Surf Tour" which he first designed in 1999. While that game never made it to the shelves, the Apple App-Store gave him the opportunity to revive the game. "The unique tilt controls for the iPhone was a great opportunity to emulate the feel of surfing as well" says Hawkins.

Hawkins has been in the design game since 1996 when he started his own games company DrewFX. It took Hawkins about two and a half months of hard slog to design and create Surf Prodigy. Because of the recession he was doing four jobs to keep his head above water in during the global financial down turn. He worked as a programmer for a games company by day, started teaching at TAFE part time, was programming another app for a client at night, while also making his Surf Prodigy game. "It was two and a half months of finishing at 3am every morning, very long days!" said Hawkins.

Where to from now? Hawkins has just completed the update for the surfing game to make it better to control and more realistic. Existing owners of the game will get the update free. He also has two more iPhone games in development which should be ready by April then June. 2010 will see him teaching iPhone game development as his main job, while making more iPhone and Xbox games after hours.

"One day I will retire, hopefully with the profits, make games full time, spend time with my kids, teach my kids to surf, and then spend all my free time surfing, that's my goal" says Hawkins.

More info: contact Andrew Hawkins info@drewfx.com

Surf Prodigy link below on the appStore

Can't get a perfect surf, then let the perfect surf come to you and help raise money for the kids at PMH.

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DrewFX website
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Link to the YouTube vid of the game as reviewed on the DailyAppShow.
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