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Media Releases
Years of experience in this field has seen us provide our expertise media service producing media for surfing events that are too numerous to list. A huge email data bank of contacts in the media industry built up over the last 8 years has seen companys and individuals come to rely on us for media releases to do with surfing here in Western Australia.
Quality releases that capture the atmosphere of the events in print. We also ditribute surfing news of interests, the facts. (P.O.A.).

Digital Event Photography
Our experience in event and contest photography is unsurpassed and has proven popular with contest sponsors. Capturing the mood of an event along with a photographic record that can be used to scrutinize if a company/sponsors money is being spent wisely. Images not only include crowd, performance shots etc, but also sponsors banner positioning and set up of the event area.
The images can be used to help determine the success or seek further funding for events.
Images are presented on CD rom in requested formats and are available for single one off use and can be purchased copyright free, etc (P.O.A.).

Marz has been commissioned and has supplied images to numerous clients including Billabong, Quiksilver, West, Rip Curl, Salomon, SWA, Planet X Games, Surfing Australia, JC Surfworks, Surfing Western Australia, West Australian Tourism commisission as well as Websites throughout the world, National and International magazines. Images have also been supplied to community newspapers including national newspapers.

He has done his time and is not part of the new "lets read the manual, auto focus point and shoot, now I'm a photographer" brigade.
While other photographers have chased other aspects of surf photography, Marz has been the only one to stick with competition and contest photography and his reputation in this field is well known.
"Age is not synomonous with authority, but it is with experience" and Marz knows that "The bitterness of poor quality long remains after the bargain price" and doesn't "sell his soul for a film roll".

Marz makes images come to life.

Event Analysis
How did your event go? Were their any hicups? Was your advertising banners in place appropriatley at the event? Did you get exposure for your money?. Well now you do not have to worry as we can keep an eye on things at your event and make sure you are getting value for your dollar. A non-biased report including a critical analysis report will be presented to you after the event. We will be at the event for you, recording information, the good and the bad, so you know how things really went. How do you know you are getting value for money and not what the contest director or organisers tell you? Are they telling you the truth or just what you want to hear? Can you afford not to know? We can let you know with an unbiased report.(P.O.A.).

Advertising Photography
We have supplied images for print media, including magazines and newspapers. We also supply websites and companies with images that can be used for marketing campaigns including advertising from surf, lifestyle, wildlife, scenic, sunsets, etc (P.O.A.).

Individual Photography
Individual photography is available with prices upon request if you or your friends want to capture some of your time here spent in the west custom packages are available (P.O.A.).

Company/Corporate Photography
Designing a new brochure or need images for anything? We can help you. We have designed full page colour advertisements for companys to advertise their products in magazines with flair, imagination and style, using the latest programs available for that special edge in marketing your product, we can help you get your message across. Need any images of your team riders when no one else can shoot them here in the West? We can help you.
We not only have been commissioned for surf photography, but various other aspects of photography also (P.O.A.).

Website/Mini Website design
We can create and design a basic website for your individual needs to help you promote your event or product. Our websites load quickly so you do not lose traffic from individuals waiting for the site to load, because not everyone has access to Broadband and we take this into consideration when designing the site (P.O.A.).

We know that interstate and international companys will keep us in consideration because we are locally West Australian owned and operated.

Surf Forecasting
This basically speaks for itself and we have been used for events ranging from the 6 star WQS at Margaret River right through to amatuer events. (P.O.A.).

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