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It got me thinking, that if we are that concerned of a shark encounter (like some of us are, including me), invest in an anti shark deterent.
OK, some are expensive, but at what cost.

If you ride a motorbike, you have to have a good quality helmet and other protective equipment, which can add up to around a $1000. Then you have to put fuel in the bike, insurance and rego

While this is just an example of cost, have a look at some other activities you have to fork a bit of money out for like, if you play Football, Cricket, Martial Arts, Golf, Fishing etc, etc, get the drift?

There are new developments continually developing with shark deterrent and warning systems, lots of testing and research going into finding the balance between the right one and people who will use them. Until then we just have to wait, or go out and purchase what's available or if you rock up to a break and it feels a bit sketchy, don't go out. If your sixth sense is kicking in, its kicking in for a reason.

The fact of the matter is, it is the ocean, there are sharks out there and we need to adapt to their environment tell some one works out what's happening. Sure we can all speculate on what's causing the problem, but at the moment no one really, solidly knows, it could be an accumulation of reasons or just one.

Most ocean users are on edge, I liken the aftermath of a shark attack similar to a terrorist attack. It only takes one attack to psychologically put the fear into thousands.

Crowds in the water of late have been pretty thin and while some are blaming the sharks others have just said that its too cold. Whatever the reason, it is having a flow on effect within the Industry of which, is already struggling against cheap Chinese imports.

So where to from here, its up to you.©SRO