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The crew at the Bureau of Meteorology have released their out look forecast today for the Winter to Spring period and it looks like more of the same type of weather we have been experiencing, the clear skies at night during the winter period will mean its going to be cold (unless you already havent noticed), but with warm balmy nights forecast for Spring.
Their key points are that July to September, rainfall is likely to be below average over parts of southeastern and southwestern Australia and daytime and night-time temperatures are likely to be warmer than average for most of Australia. Chances are highest in the southeast and southwest, where there is a greater than 80% chance of warmer than average days and nights.

Now for us surfers this outlook is going to be influenced by higher than average pressure over southern Australia during July to September which basically means we are going to have a lot more High pressure sytems parking themselves in the bight generating more offshore winds than are usually experienced during this period. And when we get High pressure systems like that, the cold fronts that produce our swell tend to slip to the South of the state and do not ramp up along the coast as they normally would. We have already started to see these swells slip past of late.

This means that those howling North Westerly gales that we used to get that stir up the beach breaks will also be few and far between and that most swells that will hit the coast will be short lived and not as intense in size and duration.

We have seen this in the past with changing weather patterns not only in Australia, but globally, even to the Point, where and when, surfing events were held at certain times of the year to gain the maximum swell that was usually guaranteed during their waiting period. Events like Bells were always guaranteed of pumping large surf, Snapper Rocks, Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii events etc, etc. Yes, the weather is changing crew, but the good news is conditions wise, its looking good for the South West region over the next few months with more offshores than usual

Check out what the crew at the Bureau of Meteorology has to say in the youtube clip below.

Want to know more about the weather hit up www.bom.gov.au

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