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Looks like everyone blew Monday for a fun day, but for some it was not the case.

With a largish swell and offshore winds the fuel companies would have been rubbing their hands together today as a surf hungry crew spent dollars on fuel driving up and down the coastline for waves.

Website, radio reports, twitter, instagram and face book were talking up a massive swell and quoting "The best surf ever". Pfffft, get out of bed next time and have a look, because it wasn't.

Ben slotting in to hide from the crowd

Down my neck of the woods after checking numerous locations I settled for a place that used to produce some memorable rides once upon a time.

Turning the corner I saw cars lined up the side of the road and the car park at full, "Shit I thought it must be going off".

Zac found a few to keep himself entertained

Grabbing my gear and waling over the dune I was greeted with clean closeouts and while there were the odd ones (about 1 in 10) that held up a little, it was far from whet I was expecting and more crew on it than flies around a rubbish bin in the back streets of Depensar.

Talking to a few of the local crew who had driven from South and North of this location the feeling was the same. Not what they were expecting, but had checked every where else and this was about the best option.

Orry finding some shade

Sitting in the sand freezing my arse and nuts off trying to get a decent shot while watching a mirad of people with cameras walking up and down the beach, I heard a phone ring to the side of me.

Seriously the few shots I snapped of crew were about the best waves that came through.

The Bully trying to dig a hole to China

"Its going off, its massive, you should see the slabs coming thru" rattled off an excited teenage grom. I thought to myself F#%k me, what's he seen that I haven't.

I got on the phone and rang crew in Perth and South and sentiments were the same, it wasn't that good where they were either. Sure there was swell, but quality was dismal.

So in a nutshell if you think you missed out on today, you didn't. Yes, there was swell and offhore winds, but it was far from epic.