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Our Surf Report is generally up by 7.30am, we provide a report for Perth, Mandurah and Margaret River.

This is not a ficticious report, the surf is actually checked by the surf reporters and the information is then placed on the site.

Our Surfability/Enjoyment Rating helps you to determine wether its worth getting wet for.
We combine the crowd factor, times between sets, shape and conditions to give it a score out of 10.

We also tell you when a decent swell should arrive, depending on weather Mother nature complies
Because their are so many crew who do dawn patrols, we leave the report as late as possible so you get a general idea of what your surf is going to be like.

We only report on the locations that are well known by surfers to avoid over crowding of the lesser known breaks and animosity towards the site and our advertisers.

This also goes for some surfcams, hence is why we will not link to some of them which are not welcomed by some local/non local surfers, some sections of the surfing industry and some members of the surfing fraternity, we do link to the government run ones becuase of their integrity towards us surfers .

I am also including surfers who are not on the net, who don't know whats happening and don't have a say in some matters.

Remember what happened when they tried to put one up at Margaret River.

If you want to see pictures of waves go buy a surf mag sit in the sun and enjoy life.

Sure we could go and give away some of the secret spots, but why?

Just to say that we did it first, no way!

How would you like it if you and a couple of your mates are surfing your secret, lesser known spot, then suddenly a huge crew starts running over the sand dunes armed with surfboards and attitudes to come out and give you a hard time in the water?

I didn't think you would!

We are not funded by the government, we are not a part of Surf lifesaving or Surfing Association. We are surfers, here for surfers and who ever wants to come aboard.

We are not in it for greed and to buff ourselves we are here for the surfers, whether you are hard core, competitive or recreational, we won't blow any of the lesser known spots just to try and make a quick buck.

"May it always be 6 foot and offshore"©

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Last updated 06/08/2006